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2009-10-14 09:30:12 by ApproachingNirvana

So, wow. We've been busy. We also want to apologize for losing focus with everyone and sort of being out of contact. Shouldn't happen again as we have everything up and running.

Anyhow, we've got SO much going on right now. Most importantly, we're in the process of polishing up our album which should be out before the end of the year. It has lots of delicious songs on it so keep an eye out. In fact, you can check out one of our first tracks, vote for us (pleeeaaaase :P), and even buy it before the album releases here: Beat So Sick

On top of that you can download a preview of that song (Beat So Sick) and one other song (Lose Control) on here and here.

We also launched our YouTube page and you should all subscribe :D! We'll be uploading songs from our upcoming album, songs from previous EPs, Vlogs, cover videos (which you'll be able to download the music for free), and official music videos. Here's the link: ana. You can check out our first Vlog below.

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Also, if you haven't checked out our latest EP, Sounds of Summer, check out the preview video with clips of all the songs:

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As for the covers, let us know what songs you'd want us to cover. The catch is that it has to be relatively popular and mainstream. Not all of us like these songs, but we like to throw our spin on the mainstream songs and see what happens.

Well keep your eyes open because we've got lots of things in the pipeline. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel ;) and hit us up with some comments on there or here!

- Sam and Andrew

PS - if you're on Twitter, follow us!! @ApproachNirvana


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2009-10-26 22:40:18

Your video lags behind your audio a little bit, but otherwise cool! :D

ApproachingNirvana responds:

Yea, on our first Vlog, it did that when YouTube compressed it. I think we're good to go now tho :D. Thanks for the comments!


2009-12-29 07:22:22

whats the fb link?


2009-12-29 07:27:06

nvm, found it :DD


2010-01-28 20:52:52

Good stuff! ;)
Keep going guys!